Lethal Rainbow

I won’t dwell on the fact that I got a bad case of the blues when I logged on to the Live Feed. So. Let us focus on people that go Awoo, and Happy Happy Joy Joy. (The shamelessly inane Sasha is on her way back. Yeah. Na-late ang gising, pero ganyan lang naman talaga.)

Anyhoo. This made me smile. It’s been a great day, and this is one of those things that made it so.

I got this from here, the article about how a cop of the Regional Mobile Group in Balocod caught a White Lady with a camera phone. There are many things I could say about that, not to mention about that White Lady looking like she had to stop in the middle of trekking across an open space of mountain to say, “Shit, did I remember to turn the iron off?” I want to talk about this:

About 24 persons who were planting trees in the village, early this month, also alleged that a rainbow drained them of their energy and caused one of their companions, 15-year-old Jenessa Refuela, to collapse, DSB Mayor Laurence Marxlen De la Cruz said last January 11.

Champion, mehn. This is fantastic. Makes me want to doodle a Rainbow on a Rampage leeching the juju off people whose names rhyme. Let’s see. We will name the said preternatural creature Purple. His greatest frustration is that, being a confessional poet whose background with literature has contentedly focused on nursery jitties, dude can’t find a word that rhymes with his name. So. He exacts vengeance on those fortunate — or unfortunate, buwahahahahaha — souls whose names are not only easy to rhyme and spin a poem out of — these people have the audacity to have a given name and a surname that’s like a poem. Fuck if it’s a rhyming haiku: Anaconstantinana Christianana Namontanabanana. Screw them. They die today.

Fun. It’s a story I won’t hesitate reading to my still-in-primordial-soup children. The illustrations only make them awesome-er.

Now, I wonder. Will I give the Rainbow feet?


About Sasha Martinez

Her sins were scarlet, but her books were read.

One response to “Lethal Rainbow”

  1. phaedra says :

    i stumbled on your blog a while back and fell in love with your “love letter” post. took me an extra bit of effort to find it again, so i’ll add you to my blog roll, okay? :p

    ps. the rainbow can have feet, just don’t make them from those of a chicken.

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