Cosmic Juju

A while ago it was 11:11. And I wished for something good to happen to you. Within the year. Hopefully before the month ends.

And the first wish that came to my head, the first wish that I tacked on to my digital clock was for you, for your good tidings, for happy thoughts, for windfall, baby, windfall — all in on succinct statement: 11:11 PM – I wish P. this year’s happy thoughts. Preferably by the end of the month.

And then I though about adding my own wish, for me this time, my happy thought, my own windfall, you know, windfall, windfall? But then I wondered, what if you’re only allowed one wish? What if wishing two things to one 11:11 was asking for too much? What if more than one wish dilutes the effectiveness of the Wish-Coming-True-ness of it all? Like both wishes come true, only you get your windfall in three years, and I get mine when I’m 35. Something like that. And the clock ticked by, and the clock ticked by, and I tapped the ring on my finger against the screen of the cellphone — tap, tap, tap — and man I was tempted I was so tempted.

But that 11:11 was for you, not because of some coerced cosmic sacrifice, but because I wanted it for you, I wanted to do it for you. There’s only so much I can do with these limits, and tacking wishes to digital clocks is one of the actions available in that limited repertoire.

I let the 11:11 disappear into the 11:12, and it was only the wish for you that had been uttered, and I didn’t mind, not really. I wanted that first wish to work, and I wanted it to work so badly, I wanted it to come true. And so that 11:11 was for you.

I wished for your windfall, because isn’t your windfall my windfall too? It is, love, it is. I mean, that’s only one of the many many many things we do so we can make each other happy — appealing to the inner workings of the universe, a.k.a. Cosmic Juju — and I must admit to a little pride, some relief, in getting it all rolling, seeing those numbers on my cellphone screen, right after a message from you that says, “I miss you too. Driving kanina. Smiley face.”

Because we have it on good authority that real men don’t use emoticons.


About Sasha Martinez

Her sins were scarlet, but her books were read.

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