Urgent Need for Blood Donations for Pancho’s Sister

Hello, everyone.

Pancho’s* sister will be undergoing brain surgery this coming Monday. We need blood donations. We really really really need blood donations.

Donors must be healthy, weighing at least 110 lbs., no current sickness like coughing or a cold, not taking any antibiotics, no alcohol intake in the 24 hours preceding the blood donation. If you are able (or know someone who is) (or if you want to help us with this), please donate under Ate Eva’s name — Eva Ma. Villanueva Desiderio — over at the second floor of Manila Doctors Hospital, UN Ave., Manila. B-positive is priority, but, of course, other types are very much appreciated. The blood bank is open tomorrow Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 8AM until 8PM.

You can contact me at 09278374855 for more information, or Pancho at 09155705388.

If you can’t, for some reason or the other, the Villanueva family appreciate your prayers for her swift recovery. Thank you.

– Sasha

PS – Please disseminate this if you can. Thank you.

* Pancho is my boyfriend. It seemed prudent to inform you how I’m connected to all this


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